About Liz  & A Story in Motion


Every body tells a story. 


I've loved stories all of my life. The ones in books and movies, the ones told by a storm or a tidal pool, by my grandparents at the kitchen table and by my friends around campfires in autumn under the stars. I fall in love with the stories told to me by the body of each person I work with: stories of happy days and hard times, of accidents and dance lessons, of pregnancy and years spent piloting a jet plane, of doing gymnastics or doing nothing, of nurturing and being ignored, of pain and of joy. Everything we do is written in our bodies, in our tissue. And everything we feel or have felt, as well. The body is both an open book and a book of secrets and puzzles. One of my greatest joys is helping people understand their own stories and change them for the better through the power of mindful movement exploration, practice, and play. Movement is a medicine - it has the power to change the shape, not only of our external form, but, more profoundly, our internal landscape - how we think and how we feel and therefore, how we live and the quality of our living. Plus, it's simply one of the greatest joys and privileges - inhabiting the amazing, exuberant intellgience that is our body and living through it purposefully, playfully, wisely, compassionately and passionately! 


BA / Honors Program Graduate, Baylor

MA/ Tulane University 1997

Practicing Yoga since 1988, Teaching since 2002

Yoga Education: Multiple years and programs with Kausthub Desikachar and various staff of the Krishnamacharya Yoga Mandiram in America and in India.

Co-creator and Co-Author of award-winning DVD series of Yoga Stories for children and an accompanying Movement & Mindfulness Curriculum for Pre-K to Grade 1

MovNat Level 1

Aerial Yoga, Level 1 through Aircat Aerial Arts, Boulder Colorado

Continuing Ed in Aerial Yoga & Hammock with trainers at Aero Joe in Birmingham and ongoing with Aerial Hammock Artist, Holly Ann Jarvis

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