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I've been practicing yoga since 1987 and began studying in earnest as a teacher in 2003 in the tradition of Krishnamacharya in the U.S. and in India. This tradition is often referred to as 'Viniyoga' in the United States. The approach is more personalized, progressive and focuses on mindful movement and breath connection.   I teach to all ages and abilities, including prenatal and special classes for tweens and teens. My philosophy in a nutshell? Yoga is not about trying to get a person to conform to a set of standards or methods: Yoga is about compassionately and intelligently adapting the practice to suit the needs, abilities and goals of the individual I am teaching. Yoga is personal, adaptable, practical and elevating! Ultimately, Yoga is about relationship. Want to know if your Yoga is working for you? As my teacher would say, look & listen closely to how you treat yourself and others. Your answer lies there. 

Aerial Yoga & Aerial Sling

What's Aerial Yoga? Think mini-Cirque du Soleil meets Yoga off-the-mat! Think poses that fly, poses that float, poses that find their form in mindful suspension, a push and pull between body and fabric in a myriad of configurations. It's an exhilarating, challenging, freeing experience for the body, mind and spirit - a dance between your body, the fabric, earth, and air! Aerial Sling is Aerial Yoga's Big Aerial Sister: all Aerial arts, no Yoga in sight.



Mixed Movement Training

Mixing it up is good for the body, good for the brain - and just a whole lot of fun! My mixed movement trainings pull from Yoga, lots old-school bodyweight activities (with lots of new twists) and MovNat (natural movement skills, such as balancing, crawling, jumping, climbing, throwing and catching).  


Tales with a Twist - Stories That Move! For Kids

Tales with a Twist is so much at the heart of my life and work, that it has its very own page. Please stop by!!






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