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The Dream and the Action

"Dreams pass into the reality of action. From the actions stems the dream again: and this interdependence produces the highest form of living.” Anais Nin

- Photograph of a dancer: Ludovic Florent

What is a dream but a movement of thoughts, desires, fears (hidden and not-so-hidden)? And those disembodied movements become embodied movement: action. It's a feedback loop that repeats, generating your life and your reality; influencing all of life, all of reality. To dream and nothing more is to be forever asleep, dormant - alive, but not living.

Where in your life are you dreaming, but not doing? Are your dreams preoccupied with fearfulness, anxiety, obstacles, negativity and suffering? What actions do those dreams produce and reproduce in your daily thoughts, in your daily life? What reality is generated?

Want to change the dream, change the actions, change the story? Try something different. Try a new dream, take a new action. Even the smallest tweak, the smallest change can make a difference. A smile - at yourself in the mirror, at the next person you pass on the street, a few jumping jacks in barefeet in the grass, saying 'no' when you want to, but are afraid. Already, you are generating a new dream, a new reality. Where will it lead?

Well, where would you like to go?

You decide. Write the dream yourself, take action. Write your own story. Life is not as simple and passive as a blank page, but it's something even better: life is a response to you - and a mystery, as well. An adventure. How will your respond to it? How will you shape your journey?

That's how this website was created. All of my dreams, all of my actions, so many of my hopes, loves and fears. Time to draw them together and generate the next chapter in this tale.

Welcome and much love, Liz

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