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Storytelling & movement: they go together like peanut butter & jelly, the moon & the stars, tigers & stripes! Really, it's a combination as old as we are. 

Following my lead, children become the story - embodying characters, action, mood, emotion, even conflict-resolution. The combination of movement, mindfulness and storytelling is not only fun, it supports physical, mental, and emotional fitness. Did you know that movement builds connections in the brain?  That it's especially crucial for children's overall development (physical, neurological, emotional, and social) to move their bodies, to play and explore - independently and with peers? Read about the basics, here, and check out fun game-based activites that support development of socio-emotional intelligence and self-awareness.  Mini-movement storytimes coming soon on this site, so you can share and participate with your children anytime you need a movement break or playtime activity. You can also check out my creative partner, Wendy, leading one of our original tales, available on DVD. 


I draw on tales from around the world, including folk and fairy tales, to create my movement storytimes. Live performances are suitable for general audiences, ages 0-99, and typically last 45 - 60 minutes. They are perfect for school events, all kinds of festivals, library programs and storytimes. For information about booking a performance with me directly, please contact me. 


Tales with a Twist performance, St. Bernard Parish  Library 2015, photo courtesy of Janet Perez

Tales with a Twist - Stories that Move!

Photo: Peacocks! St. Bernard Parish Library, by Janet Perez
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